Bowman Farms employs very highly skilled herdsman who play an essential role in producing well adjusted animals with excellent temperaments. The herdsman are tasked with maintaining pristine pastures, working facilities, meticulous documentation and continually adjusting dietary needs.  The ultimate goal is to raise each animal with the highest level of care possible


Senior Herdsman, Cory Williams, was born and raised in North Carolina. He is a Sergeant Team Leader in the National Guard. He has spent many years handling multiple breeds of cattle. He is certified in Artificial Insemination and is continually working to expand his knowledge of the Wagyu breed.


Assistant Herdsman, Michael Williams, is an integral part of the Bowman Farms operation. His vast experience with different breeds of cattle is an invaluable asset. He assists in daily farm tasks and helps to further the farm mission to create some of the best genetics in the industry.